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23rd November 17
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A very useful self-evaluation tool to monitor and asssess our school's E-Safety procedures.

This site takes an in-depth look at how schools can actively promote multicultural values whilst, at the same time, recognising tell-tale signs of children being potential victims of grooming and radicalisation.

E-safety at School



Everyone at St James' CE Primary School takes the issue of 'E-safety' very seriously indeed.  We want children to enjoy using ICT but, at the same time, we believe they must be made aware of the potential dangers involved and understand how to use the internet safely.  We have a range of policies and systems in place through which we strive to ensure that children use computers and the internet within a safe environment.  Our E-safety Policy and Acceptable Usage Policy are updated on a regular basis in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the technological world.

Lancashire E-safety website


The Lancashire Grid for Learning team oversee E-safety within all schools in Lancashire and have produced an excellent website which contains a wealth of information and advice for parents and teachers.  The parents section is well worth looking through as it contains a comprehensive list of links to E-safety websites.

                                                              To enter the site please click on the picture

BBC E-safety website


The BBC have produced a very good website which covers many aspects of E-safety within the home environment, (and in the outside world, eg Cyberbullying).  This site is definitely worth checking out.

                                                To enter the site please click on the picture.

We hope you find this advice for Parents and Carers useful.