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20th April 18
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Parents' Zone

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Family Links


Click the above link for information about Family Link who support parents with a variety of different issues.


Dear Parents

Please check-out the following link.

Please click on the link above to watch the Key Stage 1 test informtion for parents video clip from the Standards and Testing Agency.




May we respectfully encourage our Parents to take a look at the following sites, all of which are dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe online.

Online Safeguarding


Please have a good look at this site. It will give you excellent advice on how to keep your children safe online.

This is an excellent site with lots of very useful advice and information.

Keeping Children Safe Online.


Most parents have sincere concerns regarding how safe their children are when they use the Internet at home so we hope the following list of websites will provide a wealth of useful advice and information.

Everyone at St James' CE Primary School is committed to ensuring our children are kept safe at all times, (including times spent using the school computers).  We have several systems in place in which we monitor pupils' Internet usage and always try to ensure, in conjunction with Lancashire Grid for Learning, that inappropriate material is blocked from appearing on our computers.  This is not always successful, (the sheer volume of material being added to the Internet each minute prevents this), but any inappropriate material which gets through is immediately reported to LGFL and they block it from appearing again.

E-safety at Home



We hope the following list of 'House Rules' will assist parents to effectively oversee their children's safe use of the Internet at home. 

1 Using internet filtering software, walled gardens and child-friendly search engines. Use your browser's controls as some offer differing degrees of security for each family member.

2 Check out what child protection services your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers - do they filter for spam, for instance? If not, ask them why.

3 Keep the computer in a communal area of the house, where it's easier to monitor what your children are viewing.

4 Tell children not to give out their personal details. If they want to subscribe to any services online, make up a family email address to receive the mail.

5 Children love to chat, but make sure they only use moderated chat rooms and encourage them to introduce you to their online friends.

6 Encourage your children to tell you if they feel uncomfortable, upset or threatened by anything they see online.

7 Involve your children in writing your own family code of acceptable internet use. Remember that what's acceptable for a teenager isn't necessarily OK for a primary school-aged child, so get their input.

8 Computer kit is expensive so bear in mind that a child with a laptop may be vulnerable when carrying it to and from school.

9 The web's a great resource for homework, but remember to use more than one site in research to get broad, balanced information and always reference your research sources.

10 Surf together. Go online with your children and become part of their online life. The key to safe surfing is communication.


A new site containing a comprehenisve range of advice and strategies for parents to use when helping to keep your children safe online. We would respectfully urge all parents to check out this site.

This is an extremely useful site with lots of information and advice regarding keeping children safe from 'Hate' websites.

'Get Safe Online' website



This website is an excellent 'starting point' for parents who wish to take an active part in ensuring their children's safety when using the Internet.

                                                    To enter the site please click on the logo


This site hosts a wide range of links to vital advice for parents who wish to find out more about their child's Internet usage and how to help keep them safe online.

Welcome to the UK Safer Internet Centre, where you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet.

'Phonebrain' helps children to understand the, often hidden, costs of dowloading some games and apps.

Please click on the link below to access the 'Internetmatters' website. There are excellent ideas for parents who have concerns regarding their child's internet useage.

Vodafone 'Parents' Guide' website


Many parents have expressed a wish to take a more active part in helping their children stay safe when using the Internet but often find it difficult to know where to start and where to find the best advice.  We are happy, therefore, to recommend a new website that Vodafone have introduced to address these issues.  This site has virtually all the information required, as well as links to many other sources of advice and help.  We do hope you find it useful.

Please check out the 'Digital Parenting magazine' section -- it is excellent.

                                                  To enter the site please click on the logo

BBC E-safety website


The BBC have produced an extremely good website which addresses your concerns regarding E-safety within the home environment, (and in the outside world, eg. Cyberbullying).

                                                                    To enter the site please click on the picture.

Click the link to access the `Parent View` website

You are now able to access your Medical, (Health), Records online.

Please click on the above link to find out how.

Topmarks is a superb site for parents who wish to help children learn at home.

'Go-On' Make Online Easy website


The 'Go-On' website is designed for parents who are new to using computers, (or for users who would like to improve their skills and confidence), and provides a well-presented range of tips on how to use a home computer.

                                                           To enter the site please click on the logo.

BBC 'CBeebies Grown-ups' website


This is an extremely useful and informative site containing lots of useful information for parents on a variety of topics.  It is well worth checking out.                        

                                                           To enter the site please click on the picture.

'Mumsnet' website


This is an extremely useful Parents' website full of useful ideas and tips on a wide range of topics.

                                          'By Parents -- For Parents'

                                                         To enter the site please click on the logo                     



Activity Village


This site contains a wealth of activities, games and puzzles to keep children interested and happy.  It is well worth signing up to receive the free newsletter in order to keep up to date with the many new items regularly added to the site.

                                                         To enter the site please click on the picture