At St. James’ we aim to inspire the children to become life-long mathematicians who enjoy challenging themselves. We aim to provide them with opportunities and the skills needed to solve a range of problems and apply their knowledge to a range of real-life tasks. In maths, we aim to provide children with the basic skills needed for adult life and for the world of work. They are encouraged to think logically and clearly, to estimate sensibly, to solve problems and to use their mental arithmetic skills. We also aim to encourage an enjoyment of the subject and an awareness of the excitement that can be found as they investigate mathematics practically. The framework for teaching Mathematics is based on the new National Curriculum (2014) and covers Number – Number and place value, Number – Addition and Subtraction, Number – Multiplication and Division, Number – Fractions and Decimals, Geometry – Shape, Geometry – Position and Direction, Measurement, Ratio and Proportion, Statistics and Algebra. A clear programme is identified and ensures a balance between mental and written methods.