Relationships and Sex Education

As part of your child’s education at St. James’ Primary School, we promote personal wellbeing and development through many different strategies, both in the classroom and outdoors. PSHE Education is the curriculum subject that gives children the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential.

We are required to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) as part of our PSHE curriculum. High quality RSE helps create a safe school community in which our pupils can grow, learn and develop positive, healthy behaviour for life. RSE should be provided for all children, in a manner which is appropriate to their age and development, as part of a wider teaching programme which emphasises the importance of family life and personal development. Such teaching falls within the framework of National Curriculum Science, which includes aspects of Life and Living Processes.

The majority of RSE will be taught in the Summer Term, however other links may happen throughout the year. Parents will be given prior notice of any specific programme of Relationships and Sex Education and be given an opportunity to view any teaching materials with the teachers concerned. The Governors will continue to review their policy on Sex Education in light of the new National Curriculum and parents will be kept informed of any changes.

Please see the RSE policy below for any further information that you may require. If you could like to discuss this further, please call the school office and ask to speak to Miss Dunne (PSHE Subject Leader).