Religious Education

The aim of R.E. is to support children in affirming and developing their own beliefs, values and attitudes through an exploration of shared human experiences and of the place and significance of religion in the contemporary world. In addition to the subjects taught as required by the National Curriculum, Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Questful RE Blackburn Diocesan Syllabus. The R.E. curriculum focuses mainly on Christianity but also reflects society, locally and nationally, by including units of work based on other faith traditions. Children are encouraged to learn about religions, to understand why people do certain things and to learn from religious traditions. At all times, children are encouraged to respect the beliefs and traditions of other people. During their R.E. studies, children visit St. James’ Church and the local Mosque, as well as other places of worship in the locality and further afield. The school has also held a ‘Bible Week’ which provided many opportunities for links with other curriculum areas.

Mrs V Molloy

Religious Education Co-ordinator

Religious Education Curriculum Overviews